Awesome Features

With Curation Genesys Content Curation on mobile is easy as 1,2,3!

  • Use any source

    You can use any web surce for curation. You can use the browser, RSS reader or anyhing with a link

  • Curation made easy

    Curation Genesys will break te article in to paragraphs. You just need to tap the paragraphs that you want to curate

  • Simple Design

    Curation Genesys is designed to be easy. No longer you need to relay on copy paste

Mobile Content Curation
  • Just share

    You just need to share any link from any app and you are good to go

  • Curate on the go

    Whatever you are in the subway, on park, on the beach or away from computer, now you can do content curation

  • Never miss a thing

    Every time you are mobile and you just find the right article, now you can curate it

How it Works

You can watch a short tutorial of using Curation Genesys to get content for you blog

App Screenshots

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